"...the harsh feeling of shame that I had felt for some time as the 'out of shape trainer' was softened by two coaches who believed in me."

My sister drug me to 1201 CrossFit. As a former personal trainer and endurance runner, I didn’t see the need to drive 30 minutes to do workouts that I could put together myself. You could easily say pride was involved. I had started incorporating CrossFit style workouts into my regimen years ago, but was never serious about the sport. I would even regularly program AMRAPS and chippers into my clients’ weekly routines but still focused much of my time on body split workouts and cardio. CrossFit was simply a way for me to feed that “burning lung” feeling that I wanted but couldn’t have on my rest days from running. After the gym I worked at closed, I found myself a little lost, both in life and in my health goals. I spent a couple years that way- moving twice, changing jobs, and funny enough, I got tired with running. Time passed. I bought and renovated a home, worked multiple jobs, and put my workouts on the backburner. While my love for health and fitness never diminished, I just didn’t have specific goals for myself (or any clients to help) and I had nothing really pushing me towards making any. Fast forward to June 2017- I’m overweight, burnt out from working dusk until dawn, and overwhelmingly unhappy with myself. My sister caught wind of a new gym, 1201 CrossFit, that had just opened in the next town over. I spent about two weeks telling my sister that I was not going to CrossFit before I was informed that she had already signed me up and I would be on-ramping the following week. I didn’t realize it at the time, but coming to 1201 would change my entire life. So, thanks Tonya…


I got to the On-ramp and met a group of people who were all very different from one another but I quickly realized how much we had in common.  In just 3 weeks those people became my friends as we learned the ins and outs of CrossFit and relied on each other to not only get through the workouts but to enjoy them. I was having fun working out again and was able to sit back and be the student. Scott and Karen had open arms from day 1, and the harsh feeling of shame that I had felt for some time as the “out of shape trainer” was softened by two coaches who believed in me. I stepped out of On-ramp and into the group classes to find more friendships and even greater motivation. The thing about CrossFit that got me is that I wasn’t good at everything- in fact I was really bad at some things. However, it challenged me (and still does) to work at the skills I’m weak at instead of avoid them. I amaze myself everyday as I get stronger physically and mentally, and I feel thankful to be surrounded by a group of like-minded people that help me do so.  

The time I’ve spent at 1201 has been priceless, and Karen and Scott’s passion for health and fellowship has been instrumental to myself and others. This is what CrossFit is about- community, fun and fitness. 1201 nails it. 

So fast forward to now- I’m down 18 pounds, have obtained my CF Level 1, and I am getting ready to open my own affiliate. None of it would be happening if I hadn’t stepped into 1201 and had the experience above. I am and will forever be grateful to be a 1201 athlete!


 "...this is the best shape I’ve ever been in."

I have always enjoyed being active.  I am also naturally competitive.  CrossFit has proved a great fit for that combo!  I began running in my 30’s, but was never consistent in building strength.  (Coach) Karen is able to scale the workouts to meet me at my current level while encouraging me to push beyond my comfort level to reach new goals.  The results are that I’m getting stronger, able to measure new milestones, and my running times have improved!  I will turn 40 this year and this is the best shape I’ve ever been in.


"...I feel very blessed to be a part of 1201 CrossFit."

When my friend, Tina, first asked me to join her workouts, I listened politely and thought to myself, “She’s crazy!  I’m no CrossFitter.”  After talking with her more and meeting with Coach Karen, I decided to try.  I’m (self admittedly) a fluffy girl who likes food and didn’t like the idea of working out.  The first day was tough. I was sore for several days but, I went back.  Coach Karen is amazing.  Her support and knowledge exceeded my expectations.  She encourages you and scales the work so that it pushes you, but you are still able to complete it.  I feel like I have found a program that I can continue to do for a long time.  I’m excited to get up and go to class to see what the workout of the day is going to be.  I’m sore, but it’s by choice.  Coach Karen helps you recognize your strengths and build up your weaknesses.  CrossFit is all about functional movement.  We work hard, laugh and have fun! I’ve lost almost 15 pounds since starting 6 weeks ago and just feel better in general.  I feel very blessed to be a part of 1201 CrossFit.